The Future of Influencer Marketing


Product Design, Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Branding, UI/UX, Copywriting





The founders of Konfab imagined a world where influencers could make the most of their downtime time by connecting directly with the people who want to meet them. They partnered with a lean, cross-disciplinary team at Viget to produce a complete web app, ready for users and investors, in just 3.5 months.

At the onset of the project, however, I knew they needed more than just the product MVP. They also needed a supporting brand strategy, because their initial description — “The AirBnb of People” — wasn’t going to work. If their platform was going to resonate, we needed to clearly define who Konfab is, what they do, and why.

The Idea

Konfab is all about human connection. At the heart of the experience, we believe that a conversation with the right person, at the right time, can change your life. The resulting strategy focused on this premise — the value of facilitating authentic, in-person interactions. No conference call gimmicks. No video chat hype. The resulting brand leverages aspirational, slightly playful, tones as a motivation to book those life-changing conversations.

The Interface

Browsing, messaging, and scheduling — the primary functions of a booking platform can quickly become cumbersome. To keep the experience as seamless as possible, we designed a flow that takes people from exploration to confirmation in just 3 simple steps. The design system supports this approach with light, modular layouts, and strategic use of color to highlight the calls to action.

The Details

I added a few “surprise and delight” elements throughout the platform.  My favorite was this simple paper airplane. Subtle nuances, like this inbox message, transform an empty state into a point of engagement. I illustrated and prototyped the final implementation in AfterEffects to guide the front-end.