A Gathering for Change


Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Branding, Print, Event Collateral


Ann Christiano, Lauren Castro, and many other lovely change-makers over the years


The University of Florida College of Journalism & Communications

frank is an annual conference for individuals working on the front lines of social change. It brings together communication professionals, academics, researchers, activists, artists, philanthropists, and leaders to connect evidence to action for on-the-ground impact.

Over the course of two years, I provided Art Direction to the team and created the original frank identity. We brought the brand to life through custom invitations, interactive program booklets, event signage, pins, scarves, and branded stage lighting.

The Idea

frank was inspired by Frank Karel, a pioneer in social change communications. He recognized the critical importance of strategic communication in taking on the world’s most important challenges. So the name, frank, refers to both the candor with which we approach our work and our affection for him.

The brand emulates the sincerity of his personality and enhances his legacy by candidly reminding everyone—we’ve still got work to do. It represents peer-to-peer mentorship and community. frank is lighthearted and full of purpose and still going strong today. frank 2018 will be the fifth official gathering!