I love rapid prototyping, crafting unique stories, and green tea.

I thrive on sticky notes, what if questions, and multidisciplinary collaboration. Efficiency is my middle name. I geek out over biometric interfaces, quirky typefaces, and WebGL. The MIT Media Lab is my happy place. I take products and ideas and create purposeful, user-oriented solutions interfaces for humans. I’m part Designer. Part nerd. List-maker. Dreamer. 110% Doer.

A little bit more about me: I’m pretty clumsy, but I’m also an adrenaline junkie. Motorcycles, trail marathons, hiking 14ers solo — I live for the rush of accomplishing things that originally seemed impossible. I have a weakness for eclectic adventure magazines. Eschew is my favorite word. I’m currently reading The Elegant Universe. Bringing people together and getting the community excited about design is my passion.

Victoria’s Secret
PBS Kids
Curate Kids
JUST Capital
2017   3rd, Best Mobile AR Hack
2017   W3 – JUST Capital
2016   AAF – Gillette + 007
2015   W3 – P&G + Ad Council
2015   DIW – ProFootball Focus
2015   DIW – P&G + Ad Council
2014   a2ru Emerging Creatives

Got a bold idea? An exciting opportunity? Let’s grab coffee.