I love rapid prototyping, building new ventures, and green tea.

I thrive on sticky notes, what if questions, and interdisciplinary collaboration. My nickname at IDEO is K.dot, because I get straight to the point. I geek out over biometric interfaces, quirky typefaces, and intricate UX maps. The d.School is my happy place. I simplify complex ideas and systems into effortless experiences for humans. I’m part Designer. Part nerd. List-maker. Dreamer. 110% Doer.

A little bit more about me: I’m pretty clumsy, but I’m also an adrenaline junkie. Trail marathons, backcountry skiing, hiking 14ers solo — I live for the moments of feeling sweaty, sore, and humbled in the great outdoors. I have a weakness for eclectic encyclopedias. Eschew is my favorite word. I’m currently reading Being Mortal. Bringing people together is my passion.

Citi Ventures
PBS Kids
Ad Council
Victoria’s Secret
2018   W3 – Lightwalk, Mobile Features Experimental Innovation
2017   Nikkei – featured in “AR/VR Hackathon held at MIT”
2017   MIT – Luminate, 3rd, Best Everyday Mobile AR Hack]
2017   Sidebar.io – published XR: AR, VR, MR – What’s the Difference?”
2017   W3 – Just Capital, General Website, Financial Services
2015   AAF – Gillette + 007, Silver Addie
2014   a2ru – Emerging Creatives

Got a bold idea? An exciting opportunity? Let’s grab coffee.